Laws & Legislation

What is the Statute of Limitations for filing childhood sexual abuse charges?

Use RAINNs in-depth list to find details for your state.

Does your state have Erin’s Law yet?

Children need a voice. As a society we are responsible to give them that voice.” ~ Erin Merryn

The state of Colorado, the main state where the abuse of this site’s founders took place, passed Erin’s Law in April, 2015. As of June, 2015, 26 states have passed Erin’s Law. Erin’s Law is still pending in 17 more states. The mission of  Erin’s Law is to get education in all 50 states on the prevention of child sexual abuse. Erin’s Law empowers children with their voice instead of allowing sex offenders to silence them. There is no reason for states to not pass this law.

LOOK-UP Bills and Resolutions

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Individual State Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) Prevention Laws

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