Incest & Pedophilia

The words “pedophile” and/or “child molester” incite rage, disgust and even fear in most people. Understanding the difference between the two and what you can do, helps.

First however, let this one statistic bring it HOME to you:

Only 10% of sexually abused children are abused by a stranger

Why does that number matter? 

Most children and their parents or caregivers already know who their [potential] pedophile is before they abuse a child.

The potential abuser could be anyone; including your spouse or partner, parent, sibling, best friend or even one of your other children.

What’s more is the abuser can also be a pastor, teacher, doctor or coach in your child’s life. NO adult (or older child) should ever arbitrarily be deemed “safe”.

Why does that matter?

If you already know who your [potential] pedophile is you have a much better chance of identifying “grooming” signs and preventing abuse from happening in the first place.

Most that offend have multiple victims so saving your own child will save other children too:

70% of child sex offenders have between one and 9 victims, while 20% have 10 to 40 victims.

You can find a good list of CSA statistics on Darkness to Light, HERE.


You can contact SOS here or via email @ Please put “SOS” in email subject lines.  be sure to join Cheri Roberts, LIVE on Challenging the Rhetoric every FIRST THURSDAY @ 5pm PDT/8pm EDT for their special ongoing podcast series, “A Sickness of Silence”. Listen to “part 1” HERE. These 2-hour round-table discussions feature both male and female victims, leading experts and even the pedophiles themselves. #SOS & #CTR are both rated PG-13.