Cheri Now

Cheri Roberts is a 47-year old two-time divorcee and loving mother of three amazing children who are all now grown and living on their own. Their tight-knit relationship is is something she is very proud of. She is a grandmother to an incredible 3-year old boy and a little grand baby girl who is due early in 2016.

Outside of Cheri’s personal life, she is a much endorsed writer, investigative journalist, coach and marketing maven who has worked in [primarily] corporate media for more than 20-years. From the talent side to the tech side to the business side — and everything that can possibly land in between, she paid her dues and walked  away with a helluva skill-set to unleash on all of you.

Cheri is the owner of Sickness of Silence, Challenging the RhetoricCheri Speak Media, Boot Camps for Bloggers, Back to Bartering and the popular blog, Cheri Speak. She is also a long-standing member of the National Writers Union (NWU) and a published writer of many genres.

As a freelance writer and prominent activist, Cheri lives her life “out-loud” challenging the system with her back turned against the status quo of the failed corporate media. There is no compromising TRUTH and Cheri bears that responsibility with grave seriousness; especially on the topics of child sexual abuse, abuse of privilege and social justice. Believing that “benchmarks” are not something to strive for, but instead are something to surpass she realizes “normal” is not an option. Only exceptional will work.

Why is Cheri doing SOS?


You can contact Cheri directly through the site or via email @ Please put “SOS” in email subject lines.  be sure to join Cheri Roberts & Kim Lakin, LIVE on Challenging the Rhetoric every FIRST THURSDAY @ 5pm PDT/8pm EDT for their special ongoing podcast series, “A Sickness of Silence”. Listen to “part 1” HERE. These 2-hour round-table discussions feature both male and female victims, leading experts and even the pedophiles themselves. #SOS & #CTR are both rated PG-13.