Latest Childhood Sexual Abuse Headline 04/07/16

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By CHERI ROBERTS for Sickness of Silence

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month and Sexual Assault Awareness Month and so I thought it fitting to address this issue, but specifically as sex abuse concerns children.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about this topic, but it is importantly to constantly revisit it. It is an understatement to call for action to keep kids safe from being sexually abused.

It is critically important that we separate fact from fiction and do so in a dispassionate way. Emotion is good to raise awareness of an issue but anger and hating offenders isn’t a good solution to keeping kids safe. A lot of people look to the government to … READ MORE HERE

‘Babies don’t tell’: Convicted pedophile wanted to open daycare

A twice-convicted pedophile expressed his fantasy to open a daycare and sexually abuse babies to undercover Toronto Police officer Dayna Boyko.

At one point, he sent an online message to the officer, expressing his desire to abuse infants because “babies don’t tell.”

Boyko was posing as a twisted single mom online in March and April 2014 when registered sex offender Frank Cunningham, 35, proposed a sick plot to finance their move to a trailer park north of North Bay.

“I will, should be nothing over a year if we play (code for molesting),” wrote Cunningham, a self-admitted pedophile, who confessed he had abused his girlfriend’s three-year-old daughter in 2004 … READ MORE HERE

Virginia Teacher Who Was Raped as a Child Encourages Sexual Abuse Survivors to Seek Help: ‘Nobody Should Live in Silence and Fear’

From age 8 to 15, Julianna Araujo was sexually abused by her stepfather, Steve Gerohristodoulos, a self-employed home renovation expert whose key words were “let’s cuddle” whenever he was planning to rape her.

Araujo, 27, now a teacher who helps students with autism in Falls Church, Virginia, remembers finally getting the courage to tell her mother about the abuse, only to be interrogated at the kitchen table for hours, then ignored. Her stepfather eventually pled guilty to reduced charges.

“She never took me to the doctor, never did anything about it,” Araujo tells PEOPLE. “She tried to convince me that I was having a dream or a fantasy. She sent me away to live with my … READ MORE HERE

Pedophile Meets Vigilantes Instead Of Teen Girl

Instead of the 14-year-old girl he’d been grooming online, a pedophile in England met a group of male vigilantes instead.

David Hanson, 45, fainted on camera after discovering the teenage girl he’d been speaking to was actually a group of pedophile hunters known as Dark Justice, the Daily Mail reports.

The group was founded in 2014 and wrote on their website that it is “a two-man operation based in Newcastle upon Tyne. We catch online predators who … READ MORE HERE

N.Y. law couldn’t protect adopted son of accused pedophile after he revealed details

The law couldn’t protect the adopted son of an accused pedophile during eight years of sexual abuse — or after he finally revealed the details of his secret torment.

The 30-year-old victim discovered recently that his sordid tale was useless to police or prosecutors under New York State’s oft-maligned statute of limitations law.

“The detectives told me they couldn’t do anything about my case, because it’s old,” said the frustrated man. “It made me angry. … How can someone rape children and not face consequences later?”

The law requiring victims to come forward by age 23 with their abuse charges means the … READ MORE HERE

Defense seeks five-year sentence for Maple Leaf Gardens pedophile

TORONTO – A man whose brother was abused by Gordon Stuckless confronted the admitted pedophile Thursday after the defence recommended a five-year sentence for crimes committed against 18 boys.

“You should rot in jail,” Gary Kruze shouted at Stuckless outside the courtroom after the sentencing hearing.

As Stuckless walked away, Kruze told his wife he had waited two years — since the court case began — to speak to the man he blames for his brother’s death.

Martin Kruze was one of the … READ MORE HERE

Private funeral for Victorian bishop

A former Victorian bishop who moved pedophile priests between parishes will have a small and private funeral.

Bishop Ronald Mulkearns died before completing his evidence to the child abuse royal commission about the Catholic Church’s handling of pedophile priests during his 1971-1997 years in charge of the Ballarat diocese.

Bishop Mulkearns, a priest for 60 years, died from cancer in his Ballarat nursing home on Monday, aged 85 … READ MORE HERE

‘Chemical castration’ trial aims to prevent child sexual abuse

Paedophiles not convicted of any crime are being recruited for a new research project aiming to show that men at risk of sexually abusing children can be identified and treated before they target a victim.

A clinical trial looking at the effectiveness of a “chemical castration” therapy that cuts levels of the male hormone testosterone is already under way in Sweden.

Around the world, drugs are widely used to suppress the urges of sex offenders and one pilot scheme in Nottinghamshire is now being rolled out across the country, co-managed by NHS England.

But the Swedish scientists are taking the controversial further step of … READ MORE HERE

Child sexual abuse by children demands more clinics, NSW Health worker says

It is not a problem that comes up in dinner party conversation. Authorities do not properly track it. Parents often dismiss it as “doctors and nurses” games.

But the statistics are confronting.

Children commit up to half of all child sexual abuse, experts estimate. Half of that involves one sibling molesting another. More than 800 children are reported in NSW each year for causing serious sexual harm to other children. And much abuse goes unreported … READ MORE HERE

EDITORIAL: Victims of child sexual abuse deserve to have their day in court

If only “Spotlight” was a fictional creation of Hollywood, and not the all-too-real story of the Catholic Church’s systematic pattern of hiding priestly child sexual abuse.

If only the story told by The Boston Globe pertained only to Boston, and not to Philadelphia, and Milwaukee, and Los Angeles, and Altoona-Johnstown, and dioceses across the globe.

Unfortunately, wishing doesn’t make it so.

“Spotlight” highlighted just how essential newspaper journalism can and should be. It showed how the unglamorous work of poring through documents, filing Right-to-Know requests and doggedly pursuing sources can yield a story that changes institutions and, more importantly, people’s lives.

The Boston story told in “Spotlight” is playing out now in the … READ MORE HERE




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