Free Candy + Freedom of Expression = WTF?

free candy van

By CHERI ROBERTS for Sickness of Silence

As a journalist I am all about our First Amendment rights and our ability to freely express ourselves. What I am not all about is people who cannot figure out the difference between what is right and what is wrong. When it comes to crimes against children, it should never be a laughing matter and erring on the side of giving a shit is golden.


Last fall a photo of a creepy white van complete with “bloody” children’s hand-prints and the offer of “Free Candy” block-lettered across the side went viral. The van was owned by Australian Ron Jacobs, 28, who was road tripping the American southwest. When he initially purchased the plain white windowless van, Jacobs knew it already had the boogeyman factor and decided to turn up the creep-meter with a little blood-red paint. He succeeded.

His excuse for his tricked out candy van?

I was just kind of thinking, like most things in life that you can’t change … what you can do is embrace it and celebrate it.”

This man wants people to embrace and celebrate child predators and their victims?


Jacobs has since sold the van. There are now copy-cat-candy-vans cruising around as well.


Satire and parody have no place in crimes against children. People that think this is OK or funny, should realize they further victimize those who have suffered at the hands of pedophiles and molester in addition to those families whose children are missing or have been murdered. Making a joke of something so heinous is outrageous and only helps to desensitize kids of the real dangers.



Join SOS childhood sexual abuse survivor, Cheri Roberts, LIVE on Challenging the Rhetoric Thurs. FEB.4th, 2016 @ 5pm PDT/8pm EDT for a special ongoing series, “Sickness of Silence”. Listen to “part 1” HERE. These 2-hour round-table discussions will feature both male and female victims, leading experts and even the pedophiles themselves. #SOS & #CTR are both rated PG-13. 

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