Privilege and Pedophilia

privilege-definition-pedophilia-fogle-militaryBy CHERI ROBERTS, for Sickness of Silence and Challenging the Rhetoric

While corporate media has been quite vocal about the Jared Fogle child-rape case, little more than crickets have been heard about the AP’s investigation into military incarcerations. According to the AP report,

” … AP investigation found the single largest category of inmates in military prisons to be child sex offenders.”

A whopping 61% of all military inmates are incarcerated for sex offenses. Horrifically, more than half of those crimes were against children.

Fogle prolifically offended because he was enabled by his Subway celebrity.  The reason behind the dramatic numbers in military prisons is unknown and things like PTSD may be attributed to some however; the hush of broad media and government higher-ups over such staggering statistics should be of grave concern to parents everywhere.

Fogle’s privilege was his access via his celebrity. The military’s privilege is their continued soft cover-up of what is clearly a problem within their ranks.

Too many people seek comfort in looking the other way and are happy to erroneously believe pedophiles and/or other sex-offenders are all just a bunch of degenerates, i.e. “trailer trash” sorts. This simply is untrue. Offenders come from all walks of life. Social status allows privilege. Privilege is not an opinion. Privilege is a fact. Privilege enables children to be abused while enabling many abusers to get away with it.


Join SOS childhood sexual abuse survivors, Cheri Roberts & Kim Lakin, LIVE on Challenging the Rhetoric Thurs. DEC.3rd @ 5pm PDT/8pm EDT for “part 2” of a special ongoing series, “A Sickness of Silence”. Listen to “part 1” HERE. These 2-hour round-table discussions will feature both male and female victims, leading experts and even the pedophiles themselves. #SOS & #CTR are both rated PG-13. 

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