Sending Out an #SOS

pedo-graphicsos-blue-lineThe culture of silence lives on in every generation molding each like the one that came before it. Silence is what enables child sexual abuse (CSA). Our words have always held the power to stop it, but it is one’s own inability to listen to and share uncomfortable truths that have allowed families to maintain their semblance of normalcy while what happens behind closed doors is anything but normal.

” … the culture of shame, the desire to protect parents even if they are abusers, a child’s lack of awareness of their rights – all can act as powerful barriers to breaking the silence.”
~ Fergal Keane & Dominic Hurst, The Scale of Abuse, BBC News

Every FIRST THURSDAY of the month, join childhood sexual abuse survivor Cheri Roberts, LIVE on the Challenging the Rhetoric network for a special ongoing series, “A Sickness of Silence” (#SOS). These 2-hour round-table discussions feature both male and female survivors of child sexual abuse, leading experts on incest, pedophilia, mental health and the law … and even, from time to time, the pedophiles themselves. You can listen to the first panel HERE. #SOS has a PG-13 rating, parents be advised.

“The incidence of child sexual exploitation has reached staggering proportions.” ~ John Reynolds, acting special agent in charge, U.S. Department of Homeland Security Investigations

time-to-talk-about-incest-childhood-sexual-abuse-pedophilia-family-secretsSOS and it’s panel of guests, hope to help break the cycle, and the secrecy of grooming, incest, molestation and child rape while addressing the varied emotions and the very real damage that comes with it.

SOS is not about shaming, blaming or naming. In fact, SOS believes the shaming of the abuser is also the shaming of the victim. Instead, SOS is about sharing solutions that work when we work together having an open and honest public dialogue.

“Of course it is scary to start talking about it – but it is far more scary to have to talk about it after it has happened. People are very fearful and don’t want to think it’s happening in their own family – but sadly that is the reality. By seeing the scale of it, being able to open this up, we have some chance of being able to protect our children.”
~ Mandy Gulliver, Svc. Dir., ACTS FAST


sos-blue-lineThere are many wonderful and helpful CSA organizations out there, many are linked here as resources. They have set a benchmark that SOS strives to meet by offering engagement via real conversation, here and on the podcast, on an ongoing basis.

You are invited to participate during the live round-tables by calling-in to the show or joining in the chatroom discussion. Every show is archived after each live broadcast for your listening convenience.

2015 SOS Round-table Dates:

NOV. 5

2016 SOS Round-table Dates:

FEB. 4,  MAR. 3, APR. 7, MAY 5,

JUNE 2, JULY 7, AUG. 4, SEPT. 1, OCT. 6


If you miss ANY dates, all shows are archived in perpetuity and available for listening, downloading and sharing within 10-minutes of the live-show ending.

Please, do not keep the secret and instead share it widely.

On this site you will find a trove of great resources including some amazing books just for kids that make it easy to integrate a tough topic into ordinary routines at any age. You will also find info on the latest laws and legislationlinks for support and a means of contacting experts in this field. In addition, SOS provides resources in an effort to stop pedophiles before they act out. We do not and will not justify nor excuse abusive actions and crimes however, not all pedophiles harm children. If there is a means of genuine prevention, we at SOS embrace it.

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Please leave a comment below. We’d love to hear from you and we invite your participation. If you are not ready to share your story, please do still share ours.

You can contact SOS here or via email @ Please put “SOS” in email subject line.  Be sure to join Cheri Roberts, LIVE every FIRST THURSDAY @ 5pm PDT/8pm EDT for this special ongoing podcast series, “Sickness of Silence”. You can listen to “part 1” HERE. Rated PG-13. 


2 thoughts on “Sending Out an #SOS

  1. Hi, When I was 14, I was sexually abused by my 8th Grade English teacher. She is a female and taught English. That same year, I lost my grandmother who practically raised me. I became depressed and I do have a learning disability. I’m not going into total details due it is so long, but, she would send me emails, love notes, and touched me sexually. When I went to the high school, she followed and stalked me there. Then, at my graduation ceremony, I seen her taken pictures of me. While I had a job at the school, there were rumors about me spread throughout the school saying I had a baby with her; which is impossible. In the city where I live, is a small community. I would occasionally bump into her whether is at a store, a public place, or at school. Now, I don’t go to work or school. This has effected
    me my whole life. I would have suicidal idealations because I can’t let it go. I reported her, but, didn’t do anything. She still works at the school where my little sister goes. I have been to 5 therapists who think I made this up in my head, don’t want me to keep talking about this, think I started it which led to the abuse, and told me the police will decide if I was to blame or the teacher. So, if I contact her, which I won’t, I would be charged with harassment. So I just wanna share a bit of my story to you guys. Continue raising awareness against Educator Sexual Abuse!

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